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esterno_300 The history of this restaurant begins in the 50s, with the Franco and Filomena Pedretti’s Roncole tavern. In 1993 their grandson Carduccio Pedretti (the actual owner along with his wife Monica) renovates and reopens the restaurant, offering a local cuisine based on the valorization of the traditional dishes.

The restaurant’s philosophy never changed ever since. Its ties with the region are even stronger today. Infact, cold cuts (culatello, fiocchetto, spalla, coppa, salame, pancetta) are produced by Nereo, Carduccio’s father, in the winter without using any preservatives, and are seasoned in a cellar with a floor made of bricks.

We produce the whole range of culatelli we propose at the restaurant and we belong to the Zibello Dop Culatello Consortium.

First courses, made with hand made pasta, are rigorously prepared in our kitchen. The basic ingredients like eggs, flour and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, are carefully selected. Our menu proposes: tortelli d’erbetta (beet greens and ricotta tortelli), potatoes tortelli with truffle, pumpkin tortelli, anolini served in a capon and beef bouillon, walnuts medallions with gorgonzola, hand made tagliatelle (Strepponi: named after Giuseppe Verdi’s wife), pisarei with beans, chicche della nonna and lasagna with ragù.

Our second courses privilege the pork and some flying animals, such as duck and guinea-fowl: baked coppa from Piacenza, salami pasta with white wine, roasted duck, stuffed guinea-fowl, veal cheek braised with Gutturnio wine and parmesan tripe. Our main dish is the roasted rabbit with aromatic herbs.

Free gluten dishes are also available for clients with allergies: our cold cuts are produced in a natural way, without any preservatives or flour. They are served with torta fritta made of free gluten flour.
First courses, such as tortelli d’erbetta, pumpkin tortelli, nettle tortelli, pisarei with beans, cappelletti, garganelli with culatello, are made with free gluten flour, too. Reservation is required.

Some years ago, we also added several rooms where customers can stay overnight. The hotel has 12 different bedrooms: double rooms, three beds and four beds rooms. Our guests are not only tourists in Giuseppe Verdi and Giovannino Guareschi’s places, such as Bussetto and Brescello, but also foreign tourists remaining for a few days to visit Parma, Cremona and Mantova.